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Temporary Van Insurance

Temporary Van Insurance is the perfect thing for anyone that doesn't need an annual policy. You might be borrowing a van for a day or a month, or you might be taking a van for a test drive. Whatever reason you have for taking out short term van insurance, there is a policy available.

Taking out short term van insurance makes sense if you only use a van occasionally. However bear in mind that if you own the van and don't have it insured 12 months a year then if it is stolen or damaged during a period when it is uninsured then you will not be able to recover the money. If this possibility concerns you then it is worth considering an annual van insurance policy instead.

Another reason that you might consider taking out a temporary van insurance policy is if you are going to be driving someone else's van. You might be borrowing it or sharing the driving on a long journey. A short term van insurance from Evan covers up to 4 drivers on each policy. If there is even the slightest possibility that you might need to drive a van in a public place or on the road then you must take out insurance. You can be fined up to £5000 for not having adequate insurance.

If you run a business then having access to short term van insurance is ideal if you only need to insure additional drivers on your vans on an occasional basis. Taking out a pay-as-you-go van insurance policy is more cost effective in these circumstances than having an annual policy.

What are the main features of temporary van insurance offered by Evan insurance?

  • As long as all of the drivers that you are insuring are aged 35 and over you can put up to 4 vans and 4 drivers on each policy.
  • Providing that the van that you are buying a temporary insurance policy for is 8 years old or younger, and you take out fully comprehensive insurance, you will get Breakdown Cover with your insurance policy. The breakdown cover will be for any passenger or driver who is travelling in the van when it breaks down. This is available providing that the van breaks down anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Included in the cover is vehicle recovery; roadside repair;home breakdown;onward travel to destination. For full level of cover please consult the policy document which Can be found on the Evan website. You can get this cover also if you have 3rd party insurance, however it is an optional extra and you will be charged for it.
  • If you accumulate over 5 years No Claim Discount with Evan van insurance then your No Claims Discount is protected for life provided that you remain a Evan policy holder. Also, any pay as you go van insurance policy has a No Claims Discount accelerator attached to it. What this means is that for every 8 months of insurance you build up 1 year on your No Claims Discount. Using this method It would take 40 months, which is just 3 years and 4 months to build up to the 5 years protected No Claims Discount. However, if you are thinking of using this method it is worth checking how much it will cost to insure your van for this period using short term van insurance and how much it would cost if you had an annual van insurance policy.
  • If you are thinking of taking your van abroad within Europe, or work regularly in Europe, then the Evan policy also includes European cover. It is worth reading the policy booklet just to check that the country that you intend to drive your van in is covered by the Evan short term van insurance policy. You should note also that for this to be effective your place of residence must be in the UK and the van only used for travel within Europe. The over that you do get whilst in Europe is exactly the same cover that you get whilst using your van in the UK.
  • As part of the policy you also get legal expenses covered up to £100,000. This covers you for any expenses that you may incur if you make a non-fault claim. It could cover uninsured loses, a compensation claim for injuries, and the cost of hiring a replacement vehicle.

All details given about Evan temporary van insurance are correct at time of writing. However we suggest that you don't rely on them as being wholly accurate. It always makes sense to fully read the policy wording before buying any insurance. Luckily, Evan have a very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section which answers most queries that most people have. It is recommended that you browse it before buying.

There are other companies that offer pay as you go van insurance, and it could be worth shopping around. We are not recommending Evan van insurance, but merely telling you about its features and benefits. You must decide if the policy has everything that you are looking for and gives you adequate cover for your needs.


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